my Idaho

I wish I could put you in my pocket sometimes and take you along on the adventures I experience. Because I can’t always wear pockets, and because I just found out cool Idaho can be, I will share just a few pictures of why Idaho can be a happening place. It’s not all fields you know.
Okay there are a lot but… 
There is so much more like, Sunrise Café. Voted BEST cinnamon roll by none other than, well, me. But, be warned, it’s sized to share! 
Red Feather Lounge
It has a very chic urban atmosphere with over 30 beers on tap and great cocktails. Red Feather Lounge uses lots of Idaho grown and organic ingredients. Need more convincing? I enjoyed a Hazel Nut & Goat Cheese Cream Cake for dessert. I have one word for it: YUM! Check it out here.

The restaurant from this post, is a must. I mean any restaurant with a toilet and tires out front has to be good, didn’t you know! They have good food, great atmosphere and even have live music. Check it out here, and make sure to watch the video with Guy from Food Network (we totally ordered that.)

Idaho is known for it’s great potatoes, and for that I present to you, Mr. Potato Head
When arriving in Boise and waiting for our luggage we saw maybe one of the best adds for a state ever.
Too funny right? 

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