schools out... for the afternoon

cardigan: Express (very old) dress/belt: H&M. tights: Falk. boots: Aldo (four seasons ago). 

So this guy gets on the bus this morning with two boys and their adorable umbrellas. As I looked around, all the ladies on the bus we are smiling in his direction. I thought, oh my heavens it really does work! I see it on TV all the time. You know, the stunt of using kids to get chicks. Well ladies, we are suckers because I can now attest it works.

The weather forecast was 37-rain/snow mix. I thought wow finally above freezing, this is great news!!! After reading that, I did not take the time to look at the mph of the wind, or take a second to think about proper shoes. Therefore you guessed it; I was slipping and sliding all over. Part wind, but mostly ice. You see for me to get to the bus stop I have to walk a little ways, and this bit walking is usually how I plan my outfit. So this is I, saying, dang it it’s cold, dark and slippery outside. Read the entire article not just the highlights. Lesson learned? 

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  1. You may have been really cold, but you looked cute. Love the wrap.
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