who's that girl

turtleneck: LOFT. toggle sweater: Lucky Brand. jeggins: Club Monaco. heels: Steve Madden. long necklace: F21 (6 yrs. old) bird/horse hoes necklace: F21. bracelet: gift. 

It’s me silly, I am that girl. Yes I finally put away my rock inspired outfits to wear heels. Now, is it just me, or is showing jewelry that you are wearing up close a little difficult? I swear it might be easier to take it off, take a photo and tell you here this is the jewelry that you can’t see. Then again, it may just be my camera skills or the lack there of. I did get a good close up of my heels. Check out the traction on those babies.

I have to share a creepy story that happened today. I was walking home from the bus stop and I have to walk down this long alley type thing. There is not much going on in these parts and especially no vehicles (there is a barricade so none can get in.)
So I am walking minding my own bees wax when I turn to see a black van with two guys in it staring at me. It was like in a movie when you are being followed. I looked a little harder at them and they both turned their heads. I hope you didn’t hire private investigators to find stuff out about me. You can just ask. I am very honest so please call them off now. 

It’s back to studying for me. I get to write a short biography about Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in German none the less. Fun! Well I hope it is.
Until tomorrow...

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  1. That toggle sweater is to DIE for. It looks fab on you!


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