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I needed to write down the endings of articles in German and their coordinating ending for adjectives so I made a little chart, added some color, and felt pretty good about it (I know that was confusing - ignore that part). I also needed to make "Thank You" cards from Christmas. I know I am behind please don't remind me. Well as I was shopping for them I thought wow these are really underwhelming. So I had a bright idea; Let me try to cram in making them instead. This was a great idea you see, until I actually started making them. I have no real creative talent or patients. I even did the Sandra Lee version and bought the paper and the little "Danke"-thank you- pieces and look they are still crooked, hee hee. 

Out of the two tables in our living area I have both of them covered. One with my excessive crap for studying and, not one but two bottles of water. I am bad. The other with "crafty" things like an old tank top that I am going to attempt to make into a necklace (No really, even thought I cannot cut or draw a straight line I will not give up on this crafty thing.) And to think I have a mini office in our guest room. I used to be an organized and neat person. Okay I still am because before I can go to sleep I have to have it all cleaned up! Oh and if you are wondering celery, peanut-butter, and AccuRadio are almost essential for the learning process. 

Happy pre TGIF

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