fake tan photos

It was already dark when I got home so you get yellow fake light inside photos today, sorry darlings. Every time I look in the mirror when I have done “beachy waves” I think my hair looks great. Then I take photos and think; wow that does not suit me at all. Maybe because it looks flat and I am not so used to that. I am a true believer that that my locks have their own personality and when I take a curling iron or flattening iron to them they go into hibernation.

I did not mean for this to be about my hair, sorry. This is a great time to tell you that I will be doing a re-mix with a re-mix again. I fly out to visit some friends in Zurich tomorrow until Sunday. Have you been to Zurich? I love it. It reminds me of “Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood.” Well I will leave you with that little thought while I try to pack. 
Cheers Dears,


  1. I have the same beachy waves problem too. I blame the camera. :p

    Great boots! Love the edge they add to the look.


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