red lips and other prints

The votes are in and the winner is….
scarf worn as half cardi: American Apparel. shirt: American Eagle. jeans: H&M. boots: Stuart Weizman. big chain necklace: Top Shop. bracelets and small chain necklace: F21 (forever ago) 

Okay there was no clear winner it was more like half voted a and the other b. I did however like Alessandra’s vote, which was c. You don’t remember seeing a third option (aka c)? Um… Me either. She made it up! It was a and b together. So with this in mind I went with four items of clothing, not so many accessories and I added a vest. I also am sticking with one pair of shoes. It will be my remix within a remix.
Oh and, sorry about all the hair in my face today. It's cold, rainy and VERY windy outside. I picked the photos where I didn't look like  "Cousin It." I just hope my flight is not grounded because of the. Well I'm off to catch my flight, I hope!
Cheers Dears,
wind Bre

p.s thank you for all the comments on my hair. After this little talk she seems to be behaving herself a little more.


  1. I just saw your P.S. up there so perhaps this comment is a little late, but I LOVE your hair! I have stick straight flat boring hair so I guess we always want what we don't have. Looking foward to seeing the rest of your remixes!

  2. You are going to rock the remix within the remix.

    Enjoy London and especially shopping...I will be living vicariously through you (darn shopping ban). Have a lovely time.

  3. The red lips are a great "accessory" too! Great necklaces, they really add pizazz. Have fun!

  4. i am seriously in love with your hair.


  5. Hey there! I, like others, I'm sure, came to visit your blog through Kendi's list. I have to tell you that you've captured an effortless chic look that I know I cannot. Your freakin' fabulous hair probably helps get that ball rolling. I love the four outfits you've had so far.

    PS Power to you for the bright lip color!

  6. You look lovely! I really like the collar on that shirt-and how did you get the scarf to look like a half cardi?? I love it!

    Lindsey Soup

  7. Love your outfit! Especially your accessories ;)
    And also, I realize you get this a lot now but your hair is gorgeous!
    Have fun remixing!


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