hot pants

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red leather jacket: Rock n' Blue. blouse: Club Monaco. Shorts: DVF. flats: Bally. pear gold necklace: Banana Rep. other necklace: F21. 

Today has been so much better for me than the last few. I was even able to crack a smile here and there. One of those times was when one of my teachers told me I looked chic and then asked if I was wearing hot pants.  My little shorts have earned the name hot pants and will forever be referred to as such.

Not only was today a much better day, I actually have the desire to study. This rarely ever happens so I need to take advantage of the moment before it passes. I have my tee and homemade popcorn standing by.  If I could share I would because they are both so dang delicious!

Cheers Dears,

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  1. This is a super cute outfit!! I love the play of the shirt and the necklace together.


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