sticky like leather

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 sweater: Rag & Bone. jeans: J Brand. shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Barney's CoOp. cuff: gift.

I bought these pants in January and have been dying to wear them. Because they cut short just above the ankle I feel like you have to wear heels. What do you think? They look like leather but are really just stretchy jeans with stuff to make it look like leather. They are very sticky. Like I can’t just lid down in a chair, they are like super grippers. Anyway I thought when I looked in the mirror that I like my outfit. I ran around all day like that and even went shopping. Yes, shopping. I stopped off at Mango and pick up two tanks, a blouse, a scarf and same bangles. That was a lot in one stop for me. The shopping however didn’t end there. I have been in need of a straightening iron since mine died in what was it December I think. Now that was a justified purchase, the other well, err, not so much. 
I am going to see a movie tonight. It’s in German so I hope I understand at least half, ha ha. Oh I just looked the movie name “Der zerrissene Vorhang” and it’s “Torn Curtain” from Hitchcock. Fun, I have not ever seen this movie. Have you? 

Cheers Dears, 


  1. i had a pair of jeans like these, but they were a bit flared....it was pretty "sticky"! these shoes are fabulous!!


  2. Those heels are dynamite. So hot.


  3. Great outfit. The jeans look lovely on you, especially with those heels. :) How was the movie? I haven't seen it.

  4. Hot, hot, superhot! But (especially with your legs) you can certainly also wear these awesome "leather" pants with ballet flats. Have fun at the movies, hun! xox, Macs (macsblog.tumblr.com)

  5. I LOVE YOUR SWEATERRR and the heels too !


  6. I love your sweater!!



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