winter bubbles

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I actually wore this outfit in one of my first outfit post when my little blog was new last year (here.) This time I had to add a thin cardigan though since it’s only in the high 50’s already. I think winter will begin in September this year for me. Photobucket Photobucket 
While in LA my sister and I made a great little cocktail. It was my sisters idea and I was game. It’s Three Olives Bubble Vodka (it’s bubble gum flavored, so girly right?!?!) with a watermelon lime and piña colada slurpee and a slash (or three) of club soda. So yummy. Photobucket Photobucket 

A quick question guys: I need to clear some files on my computer to make some more space. I keep all of my photos I have taken for my blog but I’m thinking maybe I should just delete them. So my question is do you save all your photos from your blog or once the post is up do you delete all photos pertaining to it? Cheers Dears, Bre


  1. This looks so cosy. That's a great belt.
    I upload all my photos to www.truprint.co.uk so I can free up some space and still have access to them... although I've just realised I don't know if I can download them again... hum... must check that out! Alternatively I burn the images to a CD.

  2. Yikes, winter already?! Brrr - love this outfit though.

  3. I keep all of my pictures in one folder. After awhile I will get rid of them if I don't like how they look (lighting, I look fat, or etc) But I love how you layered this outfit. you look great.

  4. it was raining in hamburg today?! ok, it was a quite sunny day over here in baden-württemberg.

    lovely outfit for fall.


  5. i love the soft feel of this outfit as well as the neutrals. i have a soft spot for those burberry-type prints, too.

    i have a hard time parting with my photos for emergency purposes, but the files are so huge, and sometimes i can take up to 200 shots for each outfit. (i know, i know...but set it on the 10-shot timer, and they can add up!). anyways, i have nil memory left at home...so i keep a set of the ones on the blog and burn on CD...then delete the rest. if i really want to keep some, i upload to picasso online.


  6. I can't believe its so chilly already! They're predicting 88 degrees here today. But this outfit looks so cozy and warm. I want to be in this outfit.

    I'm having the same memory issue as you. I think I'm going to upload some of my pictures to photobucket and then delete them.

  7. I've been having the same difficulties as you in terms of keeping pictures. This may be a dumb questions but if you upload a picture from your computer to a post on blogger does it stay there forever? Because if it does, then I'm thinking about getting rid of some of my pics.

  8. has anyone told you that you look a bit like Linsay Price? I'm jealous! xo :)

  9. Great post. i Hope you check out my blog.


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