seeing is believing

Or so we have been told. I spotted camouflage in not one but two of my January magazine reads.
InStyle Germany
Elle Germany

I still have yet to shake the images of my high school boyfriend showing up in camouflage shorts in blues, reds, or grays. Not so sure I am ready to surrender to this possible 2012 trend.
What are your thoughts on camouflage?


  1. Camo makes me cringe. I get countless emails at work from people wanting camo- in every color imaginable and patchwork denim bags with frayed edges. Yep. For these reasons alone I will not and cannot embrace this trend. Flashbacks of Scary Spice also come to mind.

    The Powder Room

  2. I think I can safely say that camo can remain firmly back in my days at art college, right beside tie dye. It is no from me.


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